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Do New Games Make Sweepstakes Cafe Money?


Ohio Sweepstakes Game Conversion 750x75ATLANTIC CITY – Instead of the September 10 closing date, Revel Casino Hotel will closed on September 1.

Earlier, Revel announced it will close its doors on September 10. The casino obtained a $125 million loan so it can operate during its stay in bankruptcy court.

However, on Friday, the company announced via email that it will close a week earlier than originally planned.

Need Ohio Skill Games 300x300“We thank all of our employees for their professionalism, dedication and hard work. We know that they have provided an outstanding experience for our guests and will continue to do so through this process,” Revel announced in a press release.

The company further said that “despite the effort to improve the financial performance of Revel, it has not proven to be enough to put the property on a stable financial footing.”

“We hope that Revel can be a successful and vital component of Atlantic City under a proper ownership and reorganized expense structure. We will continue to endeavor toward a placement with such an owner, but there can be no assurance as to the outcome of the pending bankruptcy process,” Revel stated.

First Legal Test Cleared by Ohio Cyber Cafe Replacement


Ohio Get Converted Now 750x75CHARLESTON – A 55-year-old man wanted for armed robbery turned himself in to police on Thursday.

The suspect Clarington Brown of Charleston surrendered hours later after authorities released his name and photograph in connection with an armed robbery at Mimi’s Cafe on Patrick Street.

Certified Ohio Skill GamesOn Tuesday at about 8:30 in the morning, a black man with a mask and a black zip-up hooded sweatshirt walked into Mimi’s Café, pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded money. Then, he fled on a white car heading east on Kanawha Boulevard with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Charleston Lt. Steve Cooper told Brown was identified through a surveillance video inside the lottery store.

“He used a firearm to commit the robbery and we are now asking anyone who knows of his whereabouts to call 911,” Cooper said.

Brown, a convicted felon was charged with robbery and arraigned in Kanawha Magistrate Court.

Old Internet Cafes Breathe New Life with New Games


Get Your PlugNPlay kits Ohio 750x75MAHONING COUNTY – State troopers raided a gaming café in suspicion of illegal casino operation in southwest of Mahoning County.

Law enforcement agents along with the Ohio Attorney General’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation unit busted the House of Skills at 22184 Harrisburg-Westville Road of Smith Township and seized a total of 54 gaming machines.

Smith Township Chief John Siranovic told the search warrant was an important step to ensure the law is being followed in Ohio.

Ohio Skill Games 350x350“We received several complaints from area residents regarding this location and contacted BCI for assistance,” said Siranovic.

According to Ohio’s gambling law, the Ohio Casino Control Commission can regulate skill-based games, however, cash payouts from skill games are prohibited.

“Unless you are playing at a casino or racino, electronic games that pay cash prizes are illegal under Ohio law. While this joint investigation is still ongoing, neither state nor local officials will tolerate illegal casinos with no regulatory oversight and who may be taking advantage of customers,” Attorney General Mike DeWine stated.

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Skill Game KingATLANTIC CITY – The Revel Casino Hotel will shut down next month after it failed to find a buyer in bankruptcy court.

Earlier, the Atlantic City mayor announced there were with six potential buyers that can save Revel Casino Hotel which declared earlier that it was up for sale at a bankruptcy auction.

“I know that behind closed doors there are a half-dozen companies looking at the opportunity to purchase Revel,” expressed Don Guardian, mayor of Atlantic City.

According to Guardian, his administration had discussions with Revel Casino Hotel management for the acquisition of the company. Though it was not clear yet, if the buyer would seek to operate the Atlantic Club as a casino, a deed restriction from Caesars Entertainment stated that the building cannot be used again as a casino.

On Tuesday, however, Revel Casino Hotel announced it will close its doors on September 10. The casino obtained a $125 million loan so it can operate during its stay in bankruptcy court.

“We regret the impact this decision has on our Revel employees who have worked so hard to maximize the potential of the property. We thank them for their professionalism and dedication; however we are faced with several unavoidable circumstances,” Revel announced in a press release.

The company further said that “despite the effort to improve the financial performance of Revel, it has not proven to be enough to put the property on a stable financial footing.”

“We hope that Revel can be a successful and vital component of Atlantic City under a proper ownership and reorganized expense structure. We will continue to endeavor toward a placement with such an owner, but there can be no assurance as to the outcome of the pending bankruptcy process,” Revel stated.

Compliant Move ; Sweepstakes Games Turn New Page in Ohio Market


Green County files complaint against AG Luther Strange over gaming lawsuits

Skill Game KingALABAMA – A former Tax Assessor of Greene County filed a complaint against Attorney General Luther Strange in the Alabama Ethics Commission and Alabama Bar Association for taking over the case of three defendants indicted of perjury and lying on an electronic bingo case.

Rev. John Kennard, Pastor of Hunter Chapel M. B. Church of Faunsdale, Alabama questioned Strange’s ethics when he took over the case of the three defendants charged by a Greene County Grand Jury. According to the complaint, the Attorney General took the case to quash or nol prose the indictments of the legitimately convened Greene County Grand Jury and not to prosecute them.

On May 2014, the office of the Attorney General filed a motion in Judge Hardaway’s courtroom in Eutaw to order Greene County District Attorney Greg Griggers to turn over his case files regarding a raid involving electronic bingo machines in 2011.

During the hearing, Hardaway cautioned not to mention the names of three defendants indicted of perjury and lying on the electronic bingo case. The Democrat, however, discovered that the three defendants involved gambling consultant Desmond C. Ladner employed in the Office of the Attorney General and two other staff the Alabama Beverage Control Board assigned to Strange’s office, also working as undercover agents for electronic bingo in Greene County.

According to the office of the Atty. Gen. represented by African-American Atty. Stephanie Billingsley and Atty. Aaron Arrington, under the Alabama Law, Atty. Gen. Strange already superintended the case making him responsible for the prosecution of the three defendants.

Billingsley told that since Strange is the chief prosecutor of the, Griggers has no authority to withhold the files from them.

“I will not be a party to a gross injustice, this is a conflict of interest and a breach of the code of ethics that I cannot condone or participate in. What the state AG’s office is not telling you is that in addition to the motion to compel me to turn over my files they have a second motion to ‘nol pross or disregard and quash these charges against these three who were working for the Attorney General, which is why I feel this is a conflict of interest,” expressed Griggers which made the Greene County folks admire him for standing up against Strange who wants to take over the case.

A Sign of Life for Old Cyber Cafes in Ohio


Skill Game KingDonald Trump: remove ‘Trump’ from Atlantic City casinos or face lawsuit

ATLANTIC CITY – The business magnate and The Apprentice star Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against Atlantic City casinos on Tuesday demanding that his name be stripped off from the dwindling Trump Plaza and Trump Taj Mahal.

“I want it off both of them. I’ve been away from Atlantic City for many years. People think we operate (the company), and we don’t. It’s not us. It’s not me,” Trump expressed during an interview.

Based on the lawsuit filed at the state Superior Court in Atlantic County, Trump sued Trump Entertainment Resorts for allowing the Trump Plaza and the Trump Taj Mahal used his personal brand ‘Trump’ while it falls into disrepair.

“Since Mr. Trump left Atlantic City many years ago, the license entities have allowed the casino properties to fall into an utter state of disrepair and have otherwise failed to operate and manage the casino properties in accordance with the high standards of quality and luxury required under the license agreement. The Trump name … has become synonymous with the highest levels of quality, luxury, prestige and success,” the lawsuit read.

In addition, Trump claimed that  the issuance of the WARN notices not only harm the Trump name and brand, but also underscores the (company’s) inability to remedy the appalling conditions that gave rise to the defaults under the licensing agreement in the first place.

Earlier, the Trump Entertainment Resorts told The Associated Press that though no final decision has been made yet, it expects to close its doors on September 16.

Mississippi says bye to another casino

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

JACKSON – The state of Mississippi loses another casino as the Margaritaville Casino & Restaurant in Biloxi announced on Monday that it will shut down on or before September 19.

“Our hearts certainly go out to Margaritaville employees and their families.  We’re hopeful that the state’s rapid response dislocated worker unit will be able to help these workers find new employment,” Biloxi Chief Administrative Officer David Nichols stated.

Based on the press release, an unresolved dispute with landlords caused the close down. The owner of the land where the hotel stands allegedly refused to renegotiate the land lease which was vital in securing financial support for a proposed hotel worth $64 million.

The management also told that it will pay its 359 employees until September 19.

The Margaritaville is the second casino to close down in the state. In June, Caesars Entertainment Corp. shut down Harrah’s Tunica, one of the largest and oldest properties in the state due to declines in business levels stemming from increased competition.

“Developments like this are not uncommon in the Mississippi gaming industry. We operate in a free-market system, and a number of factors come into play, including location, amenities, marketing, management and so forth. In the 20-plus years since gaming opened in Biloxi, we’ve seen a number of casinos come and go – Lady Luck, Gold Coast, Casino Magic, the President and the Biloxi Belle, to name a few – but the Biloxi casino market remains strong,” said Nichols.

Coloradans for Better Schools submit 136,342 petition signatures to expand casino-style gambling

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

DENVER – The supporters of a ballot initiative to expand casino gambling in the state of Colorado to racetracks announced on Monday a total of 136,342 petition signatures submitted to the Department of State to put the measure on the November ballot.

“Today is a significant milestone for our citizens committee and the thousands of supporters we have across the state,” declared Aurora Democrat and former state Sen. Bob Hagedorn.

The measure called Initiative 135 aims to amend the constitution in order to allow at least 2,500 slot machines, card games, craps and other games of chance at the racetracks of the Arapahoe Park, Pueblo County and Mesa County.

According to the Coloradans for Better Schools, the committee behind Initiative 135, the measure would raise $100 million annually to fund K-12 education in the state.

“Our initiative offers voters the opportunity to provide a new, reliable and protected funding stream to improve K-12 education in Colorado,” co-sponsor and former state Rep. Vickie Anderson stated.

In addition, the committee told that 34% of the adjusted gross proceeds from casino gambling would be allotted for the state’s education through a new account called K-12 Education Fund.

Based on the state law, an initiative requires at least 86, 105 valid signatures from registered voters to be on the ballot. So far, the committee submitted 158% of the required signatures. Once the Department of State verified the petition within 30 days, Initiative 135 will be assigned a permanent number on the ballot.

On the other hand, no education advocacy group supports the imitative yet. The group Don’t Turn Racetracks into Casinos as well as existing casinos were fighting the proposal.

“This initiative isn’t about public schools. Not a single one of Colorado’s 178 school districts have come out in support of this scheme. (Backers) paid to have signatures gathered because Colorado’s 36,000 teachers don’t support them. That’s because a plan to build mega-casinos to help one Rhode Island company isn’t a plan for our public schools,” expressed Don’t Turn Racetracks into Casinos spokeswoman Michele Ames.

Man strikes $1,000 VLT; charge with mischief

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

FARMINGTON, N.Y. – an Irondequoit was charged for damaging a video lottery terminal worth $1,000 at the Finger Lakes Gaming and Race Track on Saturday.

The Ontario County Sheriffs Office told Michael K. Bridges, 56, of 60 Cashmere hit a video lottery terminal which broke the screen. He was transported to Ontario County and charged with third-degree criminal mischief.

Bridge was due in Farmington Town Court at a later date.

Meanwhile, the Finger Lakes Gaming and Race Track released a statement regarding the stabbing incident on a horse groomer last week.

“The assault that occurred this morning took place within a secured area of the property that is not accessible to the public and is far removed from the race track and gaming floor patron areas. This appears to be a domestic incident between two individuals who assist trainers in caring for horses and are not directly employed by our company. Our thoughts are with the victim and his family at this time and we will continue to actively support the Ontario County Sheriffs Department and New York State Police in their investigation of the incident. Our focus will always be on providing a safe and comfortable entertainment experience for our guests.”

The victim was stabbed multiple times in the back in retaliation of a shooting earlier. He underwent surgery for the non-life threatening wounds.

Deputies were on the look-out for the suspect who also happened to be a staff from the stable.

US Supreme Court says no to sports betting

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

Pre-Reveal Sweepstakes

TRENTON, N.J. – the nation’s high court declined to review the federal ban on sports betting, however, the lawmaker pushing for sports wagering at the state’s racetrack and casinos was not deterred.

“We’re not going to be deterred,” declared State Sen. Ray Lesniak, D-Union who initiated the legalization of online gaming in the state of New Jersey.

The Senator told earlier he will move the bill to the Legislature should the U.S. Supreme Court decline to hear the case.

“I have legislation being drafted, and that will be introduced, to allow casinos and racetracks to have sports betting on our premises. We just won’t be able to regulate it. We pushed the envelope with internet gaming, and we will push the envelope on sports betting. And we are not going to be deterred,” Lesniak announced.

According to Lesniak, Republican Gov. Chris Christie would have to be on board with the new bill.

“We’re one step away. I would hope the governor will reconsider,” said Lesniak.

Christie, however, showed no enthusiasm with the new legislation.

“So you know, that’s the way it goes. Nothing more I can say. They said no, so we have to move on,” Christie commented.

The state has been battling for years for sports betting in order to raise millions of revenues and save the racetrack industry as well as Atlantic City.

“Monmouth Park will be ready to go in September, and I’ll be there to place the first bet,” said Lesniak.

In an attempt to foster honest sports competition, the Congress enacted the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 1992 also known as the Bradley Act. The Act outlawed sports betting in the U.S. with the exclusion of sports lotteries in Oregon, Delaware, Montana and Nevada.

The Congress also provided a one-year window since the Act took effect, for states to pass a law that will permit sports wagering. The state of NJ failed to pass a law during that time so in January of 2012, it enacted a law to allow sports betting at casinos and racetrack.